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This is going to be a multi-parter. I have A LOT to say about this matter, and some personal experience to back up my opinions. Basically I’m going to discuss, and tear apart, this country’s obsession with weight and dieting. 

We, Americans that is, are hyper-focused on our looks. We are our own biggest critics when it comes to our bodies; their shape, weight, and overall appearance. We diet, exercise, loose, gain, whatever. And we are never completely satisfied. There is always a “problem spot.” Something we could work on more, make more toned, change in some way. 


Diet ads are everywhere. They are on TV, on the radio, in our magazines. There is no escaping them. Being on a diet is an expectation these days, really the only acceptable thing. If you are not on a diet you should be. And there are plenty out there to choose from. There’s Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, South Beatch, Atkins, Paleo, Raw, etc. There are juice cleanses and diet pills galore. Now there a magical crystal things, or whatever, to shake over your food to miraculously shed pounds. It is frankly ridiculous. And to go along with your miracle diet try one of the fabulous, fat-burning workouts. Buy a home gym, or one of those amazing arm toning, ab building, glute miracle things they sell on infomercials. Get on the Jillian Michaels bandwagon. Join Zumba, do Pilates, run, go to the gym and get a personal trainer. We receive these messages on a constant loop. Every time you turn around there is a new program that promises to help you shed those “unsightly pounds.” We are obsessed. It’s not healthy. And it will only bring misery and disappointment when we fail to meet the impossible ideal that society holds as the only way to be happy and successful: a size 0-2.


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