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Corn fields, that’s it corn and occasionally broken by soy beans. This is Illinois, the Land of Lincoln. It’s a wasteland. Flatter than a pancake and just about as interesting to drive across. It’s redeeming feature is in the far northeast corner of the state, near a great lake (bad pun). That’s the corner that I drove away from. The middle of the state is farm after farm interrupted by small farm towns at interstate junctions that consist of a McDonalds, a gas station (usually the same building) and possibly a motel. If you’re in a really prosper town you may also find a Subway. As a kid I was always surprised when driving through these small towns on our way to what I think of as the most miserable town in the state to visit my grandmother, that anyone lived outside of the Chicagoland area. I’m still surprised at some of these little clusters of houses, but I guess farmers have to live somewhere. Now I’m more amazed that there are still family farms out there. This country went corporate a long time ago and little, family run farms are hard to come by. I used to hate the drive, I still do, I just have a better appreciation of the farms and farmers. I see how someone, not me, but someone could find this state (and other similar geographically challenged states) beautiful. I just don’t. the openness seems lonely, but yet somehow hauntingly beautiful. I still want out. 

That was the other thing this drive today did, it reminded me why I want to leave. I want to see what it’s like to live in an area with a hill, or two, in town. I’m bored with this region of the country. It has redeeming qualities, I’ll give it that, but frankly it’s time I got to see something else; something other than cornfields.Image


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