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High school, I’m sure everyone looks back fondly and thinks about how much they would love to relive those four years. Just kidding. Chances are you probably don’t. Most people’s high school experience was less than ideal. You were not the head cheerleader or the star quarter back on the state championship winning team. You were probably not prom queen or king, you were probably not the most popular kid in your class. Chances are you were fairly average, good group of friends, good grades, etc. There were probably cliques, there were definitely groups of friends that didn’t interact and tended to talk trash about the other groups (these are cliques, by the way). Cliques are what made high school, at least socially, if not hell at least very unpleasant. Cliques create drama, they thrive off of it. They create situations that encourage rumors and animosity. They are separate and certainly not all equal. There is the “cool” group, the “band geeks,” the “nerds,” the “jocks,” the “preps,” and so on. Each school is different, the cliques have different names, different hierarchy, different fluidity, different structures. But each high school has the same drama creating social structure. And so do situations in real life. In any place where a group of people, especially (sadly to say) young women, different groups tend to form. These groups create drama both inside and outside the group. There is trash talk of the other group and well as within the group. Changing loyalties, changing enemies. Cliques are dynamic, ever changing to suit there needs and reap the most benefits. It’s complicated and messy. No wonder high school was so horrible for so many people. How is an awkward and still developing teenage brain supposed to navigate that mess. It’s like a see in a storm, a storm of hormones. Adults can barely manage it.


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