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Everyone should travel. Travel far and wide. Go to distant lands. Step outside your comfort zone. Discover. Explore. Learn.

This is my advice, so take it. Traveling, seeing new places, is essential to being a well-rounded and informed human being. It is through traveling and seeing different cultures and people that one learns more about them selves and their culture. Through travel you learn that there are different perspectives, different ways of seeing a problem and then solving that problem. You learn that you are not superior because you are right. You start to learn that there is no right and wrong, just different. If you travel, and not the tourist type of travel, real travel where you experience first hand local norms and customs you can learn more ways to see the world. It’s about discovering and exploring. It’s about stepping outside your normal into someone else’s normal. And it’s about learning that normal is relative.

That is why people should travel: to learn that normal is relative and what is normal for you is not normal for someone across the world. So go out and explore, and learn a new normal.


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