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How come it never seems as though problems, especially large scale ones, never really get resolved? Could it be because we often waste our energy working against instead of with each other? Why can’t we all just get along? Are we really that different? Do we really want things that cannot coexist? Or are we just so stuck in our own ways that we can’t work together, we refuse to? 

We spend time talking about reaching across party lines, but it never seems to happen. One side always seems to want the other to do all of the compromising. This is not really compromising. In a compromise both sides have to give a little to reach common ground, but what seems to happen most often is that one side refuses to budge and expects the opposition to basically give up everything they stand for. If the opposition holds true to there values then they are the “problem,” even if they give a little they are still a “problem” because they haven’t given enough. 

In order to get anywhere, to make any changes, to move forward. Everyone needs to give a little. Both sides, not just one. If both sides are so ridged that they can’t do this we will stay just as stuck. Nothing will move forward, there will be no improvement, no resolution, and no one will be happy in the end.


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