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I’ll continue with the topic I started yesterday, midwestern weather. The last two days have been the perfect example of a midwest seasonal weather swing. Yesterday it was 80 degrees, today the high was in the mid-50s. The weather changed in a dramatic fashion last night. Thunderstorms and torrential rains rolled in in the late afternoon with cold air following on their heels. It was beautiful outside yesterday, sunny and unseasonably warm in the morning. Then the next time I went outside it was down right chilly and, to top it all off, it was damp. That wonderful combination that chills you to the bones and makes getting warm again seem almost impossible. Luckily for me I’d planned ahead, like any good midwesterner this time of year, and brought an extra layer.

This morning I woke up to a cold (no longer chilly) dark morning. It didn’t look like it was going to be a day that I would want to walk outside. The high was something like 54, after a high of near 80 that seemed miserable. Then the sun came up. It was one of those crisp, cool fall days, where the air is bordering on cold but the sun is warm and makes up for any discomfort caused by a breeze. It was, what I classify as a perfect apple orchard day. The kind of day when you can’t quite decide if your cold or not. A beautiful blue sky and warm sun, tempered by cool air and a cooler breeze. One word to sum it all up: fall.


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