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Why do some people never seem to grow up? This is a question that I have asked myself repeatedly. In college some people I met seemed to be very unwilling to sever their ties with their high school and their hometown. They would go home on weekends to visit their friends in younger grades. They would talk nostalgically of high school escapades. They seemed to live in the past. It was almost as if they missed high school, and maybe they did.

I didn’t miss high school. I got sick of hearing them talk about it. I wanted to separate from my home town and my high school. I didn’t have the same memories that brought on feelings of happiness. Mostly I just got annoyed or angry when I thought of my high school. These people I met in college were stuck in the past, refusing to grow up and become the adults they were.

So what is it that keeps some people from growing up? And why do some people do it so willingly? Maybe it’s the way they were raised. Maybe it’s how their parents treated them, maybe it’s not their refusal to grow up but their parents refusing to let them. Or maybe it’s a combination. I just hope that they can eventually get some separation and realize that in order to get by in the real world they have get some distance from mommy and daddy.


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