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I’ve noticed something. It’s a rather obvious observation. People ask stupid questions. But why? When people say that there is no such thing as a stupid question, they are lying through their teeth. There are some very obviously stupid questions that people ask. For instance, is the fire warm? Yes it is, it’s a fire. Fires are warm.

So what’s the point of a stupid question? Sometimes I think people ask them as a way to start a conversation, as a way to fill an awkward silence. I am under the opinion that there are better ways to go about doing this. Often the stupid question does not start a conversation and just make awkward silence more awkward, and possibly more embarrassing.

Sometimes though a stupid question is someone’s actual question. Sometimes a stupid question is just the product of a stupid person. To them it is a legitimate inquiry. In those cases I can never decide wether the person should be pitied for being a few brain cells short of the average person, or be annoyed at them.


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