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This country has some beautiful landscapes. Our national parks are national treasures, and we should treat them as such. They are not just tourist destinations. They are places to be properly appreciated. Admired. And treated with respect. They are not just places to take your family for a good time and a trip to the hotel pool.

I highly recommend visiting as many national parks as you can during your lifetime. Go camping, go hiking. Take pictures, but don’t take anything else. Be respectful to the wildlife, remember it’s their natural habitat. Be conscientious of where you are. Don’t litter. Treat nature as you if you were a guest at someone’s house. In a way you are a guest.

Most of all help support the national parks. Places like Yosemite and Yellowstone only exist because of public support (the government is a form of public support, since the public has to support government actions). So find ways to help keep our national parks open, and the national parks association running.


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