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The road less traveled may seem scary and intimidating. It is unknown, or less known. It is not as well marked and not as well mapped. There are mysteries and darkness. It is an adventure waiting to happen. Everything that makes it scary makes it exciting. Knowing that your treading a path that few before you have traveled has it’s own special allure. You are seeing things that few have or will see. At the end your perspective will be different, your view of the world will have changed. By taking this chance and walking that road you will have become a more interesting person. You will have something to offer that those who take the heavily traveled route do not because you have experienced something outside the norm. And for that you are unique. Unique is not bad, it is simply unique.

So if you have a chance to change directions and try something that other people have turned down. If you have a chance and can afford to deviate from your well paved road then I suggest you at least stop and think about it. If you meet someone who has taken such a road then listen to their story and what they have to say, chances are that you will learn something. A different experience in life does not make a person flawed or less than someone who has taken the “traditional” route through life. If anything, it makes them more interesting for having been through what they have been through, for having seen what they have seen.


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