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Took a bit of hiatus, it was definitely not a vacation. A lot has happened. I stopped writing because I felt I had nothing to write about…and, frankly, I forgot about this entirely for a period. Life, got boring, then it got just a little depressing (and depressing, angsty posts would be rather annoying to read), and then life got crazy and shit hit the fan.

I moved to St. Louis in January. I have a lot of opinions about St. Louis, and few of them are favorable. Don’t take it personally if you’re from St. Louis or love St. Louis, it’s just me and my experiences here that have shaped my opinion. Some people just don’t mesh well with some towns, and apparently St. Louis and I don’t really mesh.

In the beginning I lived with two friends, who will remain nameless, and, while I knew that STL was not going to be a permanent home (I was 21 after all, and no one should decided where they will spend the rest of their life when they’re 21), I was okay with staying for the next 2-3 years. For a few months things were looking good, and I was satisfied with my life trajectory. Then, in May, it all went to hell. A roommate meeting, late at night, (because who wants to deal with that shit at a reasonable hour?) made it clear that I was no longer welcome in the apartment. An apartment, by the way, that I had qualified all three of us for by means of a co-signer. I was out, no second chance, no negotiating, and I had a week to find a new place to live. The last part pissed me off. I found an apartment but because I needed a co-signer I had to be off the old lease to sign a new lease and my ex-roommates refused to sign the paper that would let my co-signer off the hook. A war began, over texts, it was ugly and unnecessary, all they had to do was prove they could afford the apartment on their own or move to a two bedroom in the same complex.

The angry texts were followed by one or the other ex-roommate lying to me about signing the document, resulting in several trips back and forth from Chicago’s suburbs (where I was staying at my parents house) and St. Louis, lasted for nearly three weeks. I almost lost the apartment that I’d applied for when the hold date started rapidly approaching. There was also an incident where one of my ex-roommates went into the room that was still technically mine and removed all of my belongings without my permission (more angry texts). In the end I got the apartment and lost the only two friends I had in St. Louis. Not a great start to, well anything.

Moral to the story: never sign a lease with three twenty-something girls who all think they are far more mature than they actually are. In fact don’t sign a lease with anyone unless you know for a fact you can get out of it, and fast.

So, maybe my opinion of St. Louis is colored by my experience here.


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